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FP Orange Monkey Baby Comforter
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The Save Our Sleep range of comforters are designed with a soft, silky plush on both top and bottom, each comforter has a character head in the centre.


They are loved by babies and toddlers as a cherished sleep time friend.


The Save Our Sleep Comforter will provide security and comfort while your child is falling asleep or resettling.


This comforter will provide security and is sure to be a cherished sleep time friend.


Safe for Newborns Machine washable Tumble dry low Total height about 28cm Loop can be used as teether Shake the head for rattle sound Introducing a Save Our Sleep comforter to your baby;


"There are a few tricks to introducing a comforter to your baby.


I believe mum should put it down her top for a few hours to allow her smell to infiltrate it before putting the comforter in the cot near baby’s face so he can turn and snuggle into it.


It is amazing to watch a baby take solace from their comforter.


It is my experience that babies with comforters are much happier and more secure as they progress through certain milestones in their lives.


Research has shown that at about nine months babies often become very clingy to mum as they realise they are individuals and not a part of their mothers.


A comforter seems to help with this transition.


Meanwhile, in Germany there has been some research published recently which states that slightly older kids feel much more secure if they have a comforter with them for the first few visits at kinder or day-care.


I also support this notion but feel you should quickly wean your child off taking it once they are settled.


I also firmly recommend that a comforter is only given to a baby at sleep times or on occasions when some additional comfort is required such as a visit to hospital or the doctor.


In my opinion, it is not good for children or babies to be carrying their comforter around all day.


One other issue I often get called about is when suddenly, at about 10 months, the baby comforter starts getting thrown out of the cot.


The first time it happens it could be an accident, so walk in without making eye contact or talking and very calmly return it to the cot.


If this becomes a ritual, the baby is probably game-playing.


I suggest parents in these situations explain to their baby that if they throw the comforter out it will stay there and they won’t have it to sleep with.


If this continues, don’t go in straight away but instead wait until you feel your baby has realised their comforter might not be coming back.


Then walk in without eye contact or talking and give it back.


Each time wait considerably longer and the game will soon stop."

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