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OBW GLITTER SERIES - MUSLIMAH Girl Knee Length Dress (5Y-9Y) - Random Color. No Choosing
Price RM11.90
Brand S11
Availability 2024
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100% cotton fabric. Suitable for casual wear. Silkscreen / glitter printing.

Quality glitter printing. Not easy for the glitter to wash off. Durable and lasting. Muslimah dress. Breathable and absorbent material.

We have many colors. Random color will be given. Choosing color is not



This product sold as random design/color because not all designs/colors are available in all sizes. Apart from that, this is a fast selling items, so we won’t be able to cater customers with photos for a specific sizes/designs/colors available in our hands to avoid operation delay and miscommunications in processing.

We do have other items that you can choose design/color. You may browse through our store in case if you prefer to choose. 

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